New Moon Ritual

September 16, 2017

New Moon Ritual


New Moon Ritual will be Wednesday 20 September.

The New Moon this Wednesday will be under the influence of VIRGO!!!


Your wishes will need to be written on the New Moon, Wednesday 20 September and not before the afternoon ;-D


The New Moon will be under the influence of VIRGO...


  • Mental fatigue which more draining than physical fatigue

  • Awareness of your deepest wound. In order to reach your long-term goals you will need to face the source of your pain and readjust your path.

  • You may feel like making a completely new start. Change your routine, change your life. This can be small: change your home, or BIG: living overseas. But extreme change is harder for you and your loved ones to adjust to. This is especially so when partners or close friends and family are involved. You may also have to consider the financial ramifications of any big change.

  • Lack of motivation, no willpower even if you know that you need to go ahead and take action, we have no strengh to do it.

Few tips to help you go through this period:


  • Create a routine, ritual suitable for your lifestyle: eat well, sleep well and take good care of yourself. You are NUMBER ONE!!!

  • Time to do some clearing and cleaning. Remove unused items in your cupboards, draws, give it away and clear the space... in your home, office, work as well as your relationships.

Remember to be aware of your communication skills, to be adaptable, patience et tolerant... this will help you go smoothly through this time.


Take good care of yourself and keep some FREE time in your agenda.


The New Moon ritual will allow you to do more with less..

It is the PERFECT time to create a beautiful life for YOU!!!


Bring your colouring pencils out, white page and get ready for the New Moon.


Remember to have fun in the process!!!




Create the Perfect Space for this Ritual

A Good Cleansing in your designed space could help set the mood and open a beautiful energy to come in.

Some say that cleaning your front door during the New Moon - with the intention of new and positive beginning and inviting in what you are wanting to manifest.


For this ritual, put aside some special tools:
· picture of a door,
· a candle,
· white paper (nice one is better) and a pen (fountain pen is much better),
· a word or a card to represent: Prosperity, Success, Joy, Happiness or Health... This will bring positive energy to your wishes
· something to represent one of your wishes.



Something that can represent your wishes could be:

· a flower: you want to receive more love, romance in your life, more flowers maybe,
· a fragrance: lavender if you would like to buy a lavender farm,

· a picture of someone in holiday: you wish your life was happier, filled with memories and more time to look after yourself. To be in a good health!


The information above is just a recommendation. You need to connect with something that will represent your wish and how you should feel about it.


With respect, love and giving you the right to dream and to let them come true.

Don't hold back! Be happy, feel the joy at the deepest part of your body.



Bringing in the New

A new adventure, new dream starting during a New Moon is full of creativity. You are receiving a gift from the universe to assist in bringing in new opportunities. Let the New Moon knock at your door and embrace every moment with open arms and heart.



How to write down your intentions / wishes

If you are able to read this article before the next New Moon, start preparing yourself and feel what you would like to manifest.

It is important that you believe what you are asking.

Make sure you write your intentions by hand.

Between 2 and 8 wishes are good (8 is the infinity, just as a reminder)

New Moon Intentions need to be about you.

Also be positive of your intentions.


For example, instead of " I don't want to do this job anymore", write "I am happy to find the perfect job which makes me happy"


Below so example

"I am happy and in good health"

"I am happy and in harmony with..."

"I am happy and wish to ..."


It is important that you believe that you deserve it.

Create a whole story around it.

What it would look like to have this or that.

Have fun doing it. This will help you start to visualise what your intentions are going to bring in your life.



What do you do with your intentions

Keep your paper in a safe place - if need be - like an incense box.

You can use it as your book page... on your miroir...


You will need to take action for your intention to come forward. You need to read them, feel the joy and create steps to bring yourself closer each day and each time you connect with them.

If you are trying to find a new job, maybe you need to redo your resume, send your application.

If you want the universe to reply, you need to show the universe that you are willing to do your part.


Intentions set on the New Moon are powerful as we are taking steps to grow and change physically and spiritually.


Few more hours before the New Moon, during this waiting period you will start to feel different.
You will discover what you would like to bring forward or have more in your life.

Love, joy, health.


Be good to yourself and enjoy this ritual.


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